Thursday, April 26, 2012

Charles The Ox

Last week I participated in First Brush of Spring in New Harmony, IN. It's an annual painting competition in a quaint town and a very spiritual place. This was my first time there. Coinciding with this event was Historic Harmony Days. Children from every school district in the area came to view historic reenactments and a variety of tents where they could learn how things were done in the "old days." The creative energy filled the air! This ox was one of four that a man used to demonstrate how they helped in farming. I bravely set up my easel thinking that I would be lucky to get a start on a painting. Certainly these animals wouldn't sit still for long! But to my surprise, this gentle creature posed for me for over an hour, while the others rambled around him, showing the children what they can do. When I was done and starting to pack up, I heard the man say "OK, Charles, it's your turn now." The ox rose, and the children came running to see what I had done! What fun!

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