Friday, March 21, 2014

En Guard!

I've been doing battle with my paintings lately. I've even considered taking a knife to one or two. I'm sure I'm not the only artist that revisits their work on occasion. I know that I have a strong tendency toward tightness in my paintings, and I often think about trying to loosen up more. So, I decided to try something radical. I ordered some Rosemary & Co. extra-long handled brushes. Using these forces me to fight the urge to include the fine detail that I so often want to add to my work.

This painting might look familiar to you. I had painted it not long ago, and recently put it back on my easel to think about for a while. After bravely deciding to make some changes to it, I carefully sanded the surface, and rubbed it with walnut oil to soften the paint. Then I pulled out my new "sword brush" and went to work. I hope to finish it soon and take a better photo of it to share with you.

Thank you for following my adventures!