Monday, April 13, 2015

New Gallery Representation

I've been just about crawling out of my skin in anticipation of delivering work to new and current galleries for the upcoming summer season. After painting like crazy, and traveling even more, I'm happy to announce that I'm now represented by five wonderful galleries. See where they're located by clicking HERE. Most recently added are Kelly Galleries in Woodbury, MN and Hudson, WI, and Fine Line Designs Gallery in North Ephraim, WI (Door County). I'm happy to say that all of the galleries I am represented in have a nice assortment of my paintings.

 Field of Sunflowers, 20x48, Now available at DCF Art Gallery, Grosse Point, MI

 Baby Blue Eyes, 24x36, Now available at Kelley Gallery, Woodbury, MN

Strong Falls, 18x36, Now available at Kelley Gallery, Hudson, WI

 Fish Creek Marina, 11x14, Now available at Fine Line Designs Gallery, Ephraim, WI

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