Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creating with Purpose

I apologize for the blatant self promotion, but I'm so excited to have my exhibit further promoted in the University of Michigan Record, a staff and faculty newspaper. For those new to my blog, this is in conjuntion with the Gifts of Art program at the University of Michigan Medical Center. My work is now showing in the main lobby! I'm so honored to be part of this exhibit. My work is viewed by as many as 10,000 people per day in this major medical center. My hope is that it will help to uplift the many people who are there for treatment. I held that thought as I worked on each piece, hoping that my work would be received with that purpose behind it. Beauty and joy are so healing!


Fran said...

Wow ---Kay that is incredible! Good for you!

Teresa Cowley said...

I love that you painted with that thought... and how wonderful to have your work in a place to do just that. Congratulations!

Kathleen Eaton said...

Thank you, Fran and Teresa. I do truly mean what I said here. I know some people who have personal experiences in this medical center. It's an honor to be able to show my work here.